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i got a professional (looking) porfolio website with my own domain!!! so exciting!! check it out,

i had a photoshoot with lee today, here's what we got!
hope you liked it all


new look
Wednesday 1 September 10 15:54
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.
two dollar shorts.

just saying.
before i finish the photos from the college trip, im doing this post! oh and please watch this video graham and sam showed me in san francisco, i was seriously crying i was laughing so hard.
okay, you just really needed to see those. hahhhaah. onward!
this is someones backyard near my house, trespassing seemed like a fine idea.
ive noticed the quality of my photos goes down a lot when i post them on here, so pretend these are all less blurry!
i hope you enjoyed the photos... my first day of school is tomorrow, whooopdee doo.. i wonder what i'll end up wearing. i just watched UP and it was beautiful! tonight me and lee are going to dinner at loving hut (the most delicious vegan food place ever), and im excitedd. Also melody comes back from san francisco tonight so i might be hanging out with the gals. but who knows? we also got back to school shopping done today. yay new clothes! thrift!

p.s.                                                             ?
me & my dad were initially planning on driving down to san francisco to check out schools, but it became REALLY hot and i was reaallly not looking forward to the drive, so we bought plane tickets. i was planning on visiting san jose state, san francisco state, academy of art university (the only one i really wanted to see), & sacramento state (which i didnt even end up going to). im really just planning on applying to art schools so i dont really know why i visited so many state schools. 
woke up in the morning and ate breakfast ....
just kidding! this is the work of the students learning lighting at the academy of art... first we toured the whole acting industry department (this includes directing, stage, lighting, acting.. everything)... 
hugest green screen in northern california or something, it was neeeeon green and super bright in real life. 
apparel design apartment!  it was truly amazing. they had this one machine, so big it filled up a whole room, and they told me you design an article of clothing on the computer on this program, then plug it into the machine, then it just MAKES it. i think thats absolutely insane. 
technique one of their professors had picked up in france ( i think ), couture beading method
complete archives of just everything you could think of. you can literally look up prada mens runway show '87 and there will be little photo slides, maybe even news articles and bios. CRAAZYY
one of the schools cafe's... the school is soooo fancy.

9 .

one of the schools galleries.. the art is absolutely amazing. just like CCA.
farmers market, so bustling!
sooooo goooood....
i love printed shoes
china town!! 
sassiest man ever? yeah. boys yall betta dress like this and be all dapper when youre old. or youll just be old.
foggy san francisco... lawd, you guys have no idea how long this blog is taking me. its 4 in the morning. lawd, lawd, lawd. 
thats all i can handle for tonight, i need to condition my hair and then pass out!!

Sunday 22 August 10 04:20
old photo i found.  for some reason i always like my hair in past tense better than present. its a problem
yeah yeah hairy tights i have cats. these are the beautiful sam edelman flats my sister and katie got me for my birthday
this dress used to fit me a bit better.
not that you can even tell in this photo. but hey, while on my myspace, why not share old photos of me? i dont think any of you have seen any. so here they are! im too lazy  to write a lot right now so id really rather post photos hahah.
me and lee (sorry the photos are small!)
dev and me
dev again, and my brown hair at its prime. with an old favorite necklace that i still miss a lottt. LOOK HOW BABY DEVON LOOKSS EEE!
when i had red hair. eleanor
find me in this photo. hahahahahahhaha
when i first started doing my nails a lot. LOOK AT THAT HARD WORK! hand done with a tooth pick! or something! i dont remember!
god i love this photo. me and my patronus taking the form of a narwhal. and the red. i miss constantly dying my hair crazy colors. but i need to start acting again oh my god!!

well thats all for now.

zzzzzzzzzzzz... ok yeah right im not going to bed butttttt lee might be coming over yay!